Life is difficult. When challenges arise, we all need support.  I am here for you. For those interested in life coaching, Zen meditation instruction, or mindful organization consulting. Please contact me at 434-829-2899.  I would be honored to support your personal, professional, or corporate organizational growth.



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Allen Fuso Stewart, M.A., M.S.W., Hoshi

is a Life Coach, Apprentice Zen Teacher, and Behavioral Health Executive. Allen holds a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Guilford College, a masters degree in contemplative education from Naropa University, and a masters of social work from Virginia Commonwealth University. As successful behavior health executive, Allen has led mindfulness based businesses and worked with 100’s of private clients. He has worked as a life coach since 2006.


Allen has been practicing Zen, in The White Plum Lineage, for 22 years. He is currently a student of Josh Dainin White, Sensei.  A devoted husband and father, Allen is also professionally trained in Guided Imagery and Music, Reiki, and holds a 2nd degree black belt in Karate. Allen draws on this rich background of experience to empower others to heal and grow, to the fullest extent, in mind, body, and spirit.  Call today for the support you need.


Allen Stewart